Speakers Grzegorz Marzencki
Grzegorz Marzencki

Grzegorz Marzencki is a JavaScript developer and trainer (www.jstrainings.com). He conducted trainings in many exotic places like Sri Lanka, Mexico, Indie, or Warsaw. As a developer working for both – big corporations and startups. He loves functional programming, traveling, and good ramen.

Prelegent Grzegorz Marzencki
"The Beauty and the JavaScript (ENG)"
16:00 - 17:15
With ES6 JavaScript gained a lot of syntax sugar which hides the very interesting mechanisms of the language like prototypal chain or context switching. Nevertheless, these mechanisms play an important role in JS behavior and it is vital to understand them in deep, to become a proficient JavaScript developer. If you have ever wondered why JavaScript looks like it looks, how does it work under the hood, why sometimes it gives very unexpected results*, and why they are actually perfectly expected… then take a seat and hear the story of this amazing language. *like [] + {} vs {} + [] and other ‘wat’ moments